Looking online for ‘tips and tricks’ to help sell more software as a service (SaaS)? Although sometimes relevant and helpful, the content found on blogs and social media only brushes the surface of what you could be learning from some old-fashioned books.

In the fast-paced world we live in, taking time to learn often gets pushed aside, so we’ve done the hard part for you. Below you’ll find 7 saas books to help shape how you sell.

From David Hoffeld’s The Science of Selling to Mark Roberge’s The Sales Acceleration Formula, get the tools and advice that will shape how you sell more SaaS and allow you to cut down on wasted time.


Disrupting Digital Business

By R “Ray” Wang


Our ever-changing world does not wait for those who fall behind, and it definitely doesn’t try to help them. How are you supposed to keep up?

Ray Wang has written a book for such businesses. Being able to accept change and ‘roll with the punches’ is a key aspect of building a successful company.

Ray explains that upon getting over the hurdle of acceptance comes the ability to anticipate and react before changes happen.





The Sales Acceleration Formula

By Mark Roberge


What’s the only thing better than making sales? Making more sales. It’s the name of the game.

Although it doesn’t claim to have the ultimate secret to selling more, Mark Roberge’s The Sales Acceleration Formula comes pretty close with an action plan to grow revenue and build a sales team tailored to your company.

As the former CRO at Hubspot, Roberge draws on his experience and outlines how even though sales may seem unpredictable, there is a formula to the madness.




From Impossible to Inevitable

By Aaron Ross & Jason Lemkin


Do the companies Salesforce, Zenefits, and EchoSign ring a bell? They are all prime examples of hyper-growth.

Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin give you the rundown on how these companies did it. How they transformed small ideas into multi-million dollar companies while keeping up with their unprecedented growth.

The title says it all. If you find yourself struggling with the viability of your business, this book is for you. When you properly prepare yourself for what may come your way, making progress will go from impossible to inevitable.




Word of Mouth Marketing

By Andy Sernovitz


How do you get to the point where you are ready to make a sale? Just think of the biggest companies of today. Where they are now is because millions of people talk about their products.

In this book, you’ll learn how to harness interpersonal communication to drive your business. It includes strategies, rules, and ideas to help you expand and control how (and why) people talk about your business.

Word of Mouth Marketing gives numerous real-world examples of businesses who got people talking and succeeded because of it.




How to Castrate a Bull 

By Dave Hitz


Don’t worry, How to Castrate a Bull does not teach you the nitty-gritty on removing a bull’s business. The title actually refers to taking calculated risks.

A co-founder of NetApp, author Dave Hitz has been through every twist and turn a SaaS business can go through, and he writes about them all in this book.

Whether you’re a startup or a successful company, there have been times where you’ve had to ‘take the bull by the horns’. Reading How to Castrate a Bull will only enhance those risk-taking skills.




The Science of Selling

By David Hoffeld


Our brains naturally form buying decisions; what, when, and where to buy, who to buy from, etc. David Hoffeld says the key to success for salespeople is aligning the way you sell with those buying decisions.

The Science of Selling goes in-depth on buyer emotions, how to guide a customer through their own decisions, being a positive influence, and asking questions based on how the brain (or a particular customer) provides information.




The War of Art

By Steven Pressfield


Lastly, The War of Art is a book about creativity and seizing potential.

Although you won’t find SaaS sales techniques or marketing strategies from multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, this book will change your mindset on the role of creativity in terms of achieving success.

So why is it relevant to selling SaaS? This book centers itself on inspiration, something key to creating a great product. Pressfield teaches that you can’t manufacture inspiration, you have to put the work in so inspiration has the opportunity to present itself.



Check out our other blog posts for more SaaS sales knowledge, and reach out to us on Twitter @SalesRightCo if you find these saas books useful, or if you have an all-time favourite sales book we should add to the list!  

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