Case Studies

Hear from customers whose sales processes have been improved with SalesRight

From Office Suite Proposals to SalesRight

“[Our process was] very Excel and PowerPoint driven. There was a lot of variance in the degree of execution quality… and what was actually going in front of our customers and what I thought that buying experience really looked like and should feel like…”

Josh Solomon – Director of Enterprise Sales
Josh Solomon
Director of Enterprise Sales
Ada Inc

From Spreadsheets to SalesRight

We had a really manual process, it was very typical… you’d have, excel spreadsheets with your pricing built out… it was like reinventing the wheel every single time…

Mike Wright – Co-Founder and CEO
Mike Wright
Co-Founder and CEO


From Long-Winded Emails to SalesRight

“Conversations were taking place over Zoom meetings, and would be followed up with an email summary in an effort to ensure both parties understood what we were actually talking about…”

Jack Hannah – Team Lead
Jack Hannah
Team Lead


From Cramped Slide Decks to SalesRight

“I never knew if customers were going into the deck to choose different options or look through the different tiers that we were offering…”

Stefan Kollenberg – Co-Founder
Stefan Kollenberg


From Collaboration Software to SalesRight

“We used software that wasn’t designed for pricing. Our packages became cluttered and disjointed. It wasn’t the cleanest process for presenting to a client…”

Mike Pinkus – Partner
Mike Pinkus

From Static PDFs to SalesRight

“We had a PDF showcasing pricing tiers… and sometimes we would receive emails that would say, ‘Let’s jump on a call, there’s some things that we don’t understand…”

Ross Simmonds – Founder
Ross Simmonds


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