This is not an article about inspirational SaaS quotes — like “Live Laugh Love — Sales!” — to read on a rainy day. We’re tackling the question “What is a SaaS Sales Quote?” so you know how to incorporate it into your sales funnel. 


In sales, it is critical to know what a SaaS Sales Quote is and what differentiates it from other tools you can use to close deals. Read on to see experts dig into the question “What is a SaaS Sales Quote?” and the three unique components that SaaS Sales Quotes bring to the table.


What is a SaaS Sales Quote and Why is it Important?


A SaaS Sales Quote clearly communicates personalized pricing to your prospect through an organized, custom layout. They are not a proposal, spreadsheet or addition to the end of a slide deck. They have their own purpose in your sales process: to provide your prospect with an interactive experience that closes the deal.

SaaS Sales Quotes may include elements such as:

  • Tiers of pricing 
  • Features and sub-features
  • Selectable add-ons
  • Descriptions of elements
  • A calculator that populates a final price

SaaS Sales Quotes go beyond the numbers to provide your prospect with a pricing experience. Quotes provide you with an easy and transparent way to broach pricing. They can be used through multiple stages of the sales process, from first conversations and demos to signing on the dotted line.

Your Quote should allow prospects to easily compare and contrast their options and see a clear path for growth. Their transparency helps build trust with prospects, which is critical to building trusting relationships that will be mutually beneficial when they become your customer. 



To build a SaaS Sales Quotes, there are 3 factors you need to consider:

Your Quote Needs to be Organized 


“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” – Benjamin Franklin


A lack of organization results in confusion, which prolongs your deal length. A Saas Sales Quote should provide well-organized details of your entire offer. Your formatting should clearly display both the birds-eye view of your Quote and also as the granular details of the deal. This means that you need to consider the presentation of your pricing and eliminate any potential causes for confusion. 

Hint: If you’re not using a software meant to display SaaS pricing, you will never be able to organize your Quote efficiently. Click here to see if your software is not recommended to use to display SaaS pricing. 

Experts know that organized pricing is the key to maintaining the momentum of the deal.

“When SaaS pricing is easily understood, the entire sales process benefits. The time you invest in organizing your pricing and making sure it’s displayed as clearly as possible is time you save down the line during key conversations with prospects.”

— Taylor Bond, Co-Founder, SalesRight

Your Quote Needs to be Customized


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein 


Your prospects don’t want to feel like all you did was click copy, paste and send. They want to see their needs reflected in the Quote you present them with. SaaS Sales Quotes should include personalized details that prove you took the time to listen to their needs and carefully created options that are optimized for them.

Customizations are also key to building transparency with prospects. Prospects will trust information that leaves no details left behind — which means your Quote must thoroughly and clearly address every need and associated dollar. 

Experts say this level of customized detail is necessary to building a long-term relationship with prospects.

“As a prospect, you never want to feel unheard, or that you weren’t shown all the details upfront. Understanding all the options early on and building that open, transparent relationship with prospects is huge.”

— Meg Kucey, Director, Customer Experience, SalesRight

Your Quote Needs to be Energized



“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers 


A SaaS Sales Quote should do more than present words and numbers on a page. It should empower your prospects by providing an interactive experience. 

To create an interactive experience that will energize prospects, pull the levers of buying psychology and give your prospects a sense of control. Being able to perform “what-if” analysis by comparing and contrasting options in an interactive manner, and not just reading them on a screen, will keep your prospects engaged in the conversation and prepare them to close. 

Your prospect wants to have the best buying experience possible. By incorporating a SaaS Sales Quote throughout your sales process, you’re providing them the transparent, controlled experience they want. This is how you build momentum in your sales process and ultimately close deals faster. 

Experts have watched SaaS Sales Quotes add momentum to your sales process.

“Static pages only create more questions. SaaS Quotes allow prospects to dive deep into details that you’ve clearly displayed and provided them with. The transparency saves everyone time and maintains the momentum of the deal.”

— Bill Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO, SalesRight

What does the Modern SaaS Sales Quote Look Like? 


SaaS Sales Quotes are designed to deliver pricing to your prospect in a clear, customized and interactive way. They should be as painless for your team to produce as they are for your prospect to receive and interact with. 


The modern SaaS Sales Quote should incorporate these three elements: 

1. Organized: Make sure the details of your Quote are displayed clearly to avoid confusion. 

2. Customized: Prove you paid close attention to your prospect’s needs by incorporating notes on all their desires in your Quote.

3. Energized: Create an engaging buying experience with your Quote that empowers your prospect to close the deal.


Trust and transparency are key when talking about pricing. By continuing to build your relationship with your prospects during the sales process will make it easier to discuss your Quote. Closing deals faster and saving time for your sales team are outcomes of a transparent SaaS Sales Quote.


So how do you build a SaaS Sales Quote?

First, don’t consider using any of these software

Second, use software that enables you to be organized, customized and energized. 

You don’t have to look far for a place to start. SalesRight’s Modern SaaS Quote revamps the buying experience for your prospect with all-new highlights, call-outs and more.

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