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Autumn is here! 

Outside, everything is falling — the temperatures, the leaves on the trees, and the hours of sunlight. We hope the opposite is true of your sales, and this season is seeing your sales soar to new heights.

Your prospects should be falling in love with your pricing guides. But how can you be sure?

SalesRight is here to deliver straight facts about your guides. This feature update is all about the analytics:

Updates to Analytics!


Geographic Location of Guide Visitors

Are you curious about who’s looking at your pricing guide or if your prospect has shared it with their team? We now display the city and country flag of each user that visits your guide.


In-App Notifications

Do you have guides with the same title out to different prospects? Our in-app notifications now display the ‘guide title name (company name)’ so you know exactly which prospect is viewing your guide.


New to Analytics!


Visitor Session Timeline 

You can now click on any visit session for your guide and view a complete timeline of interactions.


Subfeature Interactions

Our guide interactions and visitor session timelines are serving up more details. You can now view the feature name/subfeature name so you have all the details on what your prospect is viewing.


Rich Text Editor for Features and Subfeatures

Our descriptions now have a rich text editor to allow you to highlight all the import details in your pricing guide.

Want to try these features? Log in to your SalesRight account, or click here to book a time to see how SalesRight can serve you #straightfacts about your SaaS deals. 

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