How MESH/diversity sold before SalesRight

MESH/diversity stuck to a really manual process before using SalesRight. Sales reps would take pricing from an established excel spreadsheet and import it into the new proposal created for the prospect. This process would be repeated for every deal, self-described as “reinventing the wheel every single time”.


Mike Wright
Co-Founder and CEO

“Leveraging a tool like [SalesRight] is a game changer because it allows you to be consistent, it allows you to have the history of how you’ve evolved at your fingertips, and it allows you to make decisions as you move forward based on that historical data, in a much easier way than trying to remember digging up old proposals or looking back through old versions of your sheets.”

What they changed

MESH brought all their information into a single platform, SalesRight, to easily access their pricing and create unique Live Quotes.

What happened after SalesRight

SalesRight has made MESH’s communication with clients smoother and easier. Using Live Quotes as a base for conversations allows clients to see all the options available to them and a path for growth. Internally, SalesRight is used during sales meetings as a valuable tool to quickly review the various deals on the table and gather status updates.

How they deliver their proposals now:

“It’s not only interfacing with clients and kind of converting them, but once we’ve converted them, SalesRight has given us a better way to be able to get that order form completed, executed, and get the onboarding started. So that piece of it saved a lot of time for us too.”

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