A New Quote Style
Has Arrived

The Modern Quote style brings customization to the next level while enhancing the interactive experience your prospects love.

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Customize up to six Highlights in a pricing tier. Put your best pricing points forward by capturing the main differentiators across tiers. Perfect for providing a birds-eye view before prospects dive deep into the details.


Direct your prospect’s attention to pricing tiers with Callouts. These short notes located at the top of tiers are perfect for promoting deals or identifying optimal packages for your prospect. Write just one, mix it up or place one on every tier.

Pricing Placement

It’s easy to change your pricing placement with Modern Quotes. Choose to display your price at the top or bottom of a tier. Or, let the tiers speak for themselves with the price displayed separately.
Stefan Kollenberg Co-Founder and CRO
“I had a client that hadn’t talked to me for three weeks. They went in and were playing around [with the Quote] and I thought, ‘Oh sweet. This is great, I know they are engaged again.’ I reached back out and she was like, ‘Yeah, we’re good to go with this option [in the Quote].’ And then we actually signed them.”

Everything You Need to Close Deals Faster

SalesRight Quotes save you time while adding momentum to your sales funnel

Energize Your Quotes

  • Subfeatures and Add-ons
  • Multi-Axis Pricing
  • eSignatures
  • Deal Insights
  • Volume pricing

Customize Your Quotes

  • Limited Time Offers
  • Calls to Action
  • Video and Text Content
  • Prospect Personalization

Organize Your Quotes

  • Track Closed Quotes by Won/Lost
  • Tag Quotes for Quick Search
  • View Guide Statuses
  • Sort Quotes by Category

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