Check out our last update where we explored Pricing Guides. 

We’re ready to help you get Q4 started on the right foot. What better way to do that than by adding some flair to pricing?

Today we’re excited to share new features that will seriously upgrade your sales strategy…

Introducing New Multi-Media and Customizations!

Feeling restricted in how you communicate pricing? Never again. 

Your pricing guides can now be complemented by video and text inputs, putting a personal touch to your pricing and giving you every opportunity to include the details needed to seal the deal. 

Video Blocks

Have a feature you want to explain in more depth? Want to add a personal message to keep building the relationship? Or maybe a live look at your product in action?

Give a visual to match your pricing with our new video embedding feature. Simply add a link to the video you want to include, write a caption, and boom — your pricing just got so much cooler.

Text Blocks

It’s easier than ever to communicate with prospects with our text block feature.

Include proposal details, share case studies, copy articles, highlight contract details and more. Text is fully customizable with options including fonts, highlighting, bullet fonts, photo/link embedding and more. 

Custom Redirect URL

Send your prospect directly to your checkout page using our new Redirect URL on the Action Button. We added Selection Parameters so you can customize the Redirect URL based on the options your customers selected on the pricing guide — now that’s what we call closing the deal!


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