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Tracking SaaS deals is one of the many benefits SalesRight offers sales teams. SalesRight takes this commitment to the next level with all-new features that keep you and your team organized.

SalesRight is making it easier than ever for your team to stay on the same page. Here are four SalesRight features that will help you do this:

Slipping Away Page

It’s important to stay in-the-know when you have multiple guides on-the-go. We’ll remind you about pricing guides that should be followed up with at our all-new Slipping Away page. All published guides that haven’t been viewed in 7 days or longer, will appear on this page. 

Status Updating: Closed Won/Lost 

Track your success with new closed won/lost guide status updates. This status allows you to mark and filter your closed guides, making it easy to track your success.

Re-designed Guide Overview Page

Now it only takes one click to see everything you need to know about a pricing guide. Our re-designed Guide Overview Page provides guide details, pricing estimate, analytics and the new activity comments.

Activity Comments

Leave your thoughts in the comment box! Located in the re-designed Overview Page, our brand new activity comments help you keep remember the details of the deal. Use this to track the stage of the deal, remind yourself of conversations, note guide developments and more.


Want to try these features out for yourself? Log in to your SalesRight account, or click here to book a time to see how SalesRight makes tracking SaaS deals easy with a member of the SalesRight team.

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