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It’s been a time of growth for the SalesRight team — from a new office to new team members we’ve been making the most of the season.

We’ve also introduced new updates to SalesRight! Here’s a breakdown of what’s new and improved:

Pricing Guide List

We’ve revamped the pricing guide list to give your beloved pricing guides the real estate they deserve. With a quick glance, you can review all of the same information in a much more user-friendly layout. 

We also made additional awesome updates to the pricing guide list:

Icons: At a glance, you can now see icons to show which of your guides have a visit limit, password protection and guide expiry activated.

Guide Status Visual Indicator: The new icon has four dots that quickly show you your guide’s status (unpublished, published, viewed and accepted).

Overflow Menu: We’ve merged some menus and added them to the overflow menu to give you more options all in one place. Spoiler alert: You can now expire a guide with two clicks!

Filtering and Sorting: We’ve totally upped our filtering and sorting game to make it much easier to find the specific guide you’re looking for. You can now sort by title, date, owner, status and last viewed. You can also filter by owner, tag, status or attribute and SalesRight will save your filter for the next time you visit your account.

Pricing Estimate 

Did you know our published pricing guides have a real-time pricing estimate that gives a detailed cost breakdown to your prospect? If not, you’re not alone. It used to be nuzzled in the bottom bar but it really deserved to be front and center so we moved it right into the guide. Your prospect can see the pricing and easily click the button to accept the deal.


Guide Editor

We don’t pick favourites, so we gave a little love to the guide editor as well. Here are the newest updates:

Pre-selected axes: Easily pre-set the preferred quantity for your axes.

Duplication: Axes, features and subfeatures can now be duplicated.

Sound exciting? It is — start your free trial to experience these features and MORE!

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