Could your SaaS pricing strategy use a boost?

Every season offers it’s own challenges. Whether it be the hibernation of winter, spring conference travel, summer vacation or the hustle and bustle of fall, there’s always an excuse not to buy…

Discounts are a great way to get out of the sales slump and put your SaaS pricing in the spotlight.

Be frustrated no more: SalesRight can help! 

Introducing Discounting!

No more calculating. Simply input your discount by percentage, dollar amount or final price. SalesRight does the math for you.

Customize your callout. Make your pricing tiers super enticing with both percentage and dollars-saved display options.

Save discounts for future use. Future-you will thank past-you when you save your discounts. Apply them to other pricing tiers or guides later. 

Everyone loves closing a seasonal sale — so go make the most of this new feature! Log in to your SalesRight account to create your SaaS pricing discounts. 

First time offering SaaS pricing discounts? Our CEO Bill shares how to create deals, not steals, that work for you and your customers on the Mailshake blog

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