How Ada Inc sold before SalesRight

“[Ada Inc] is growing pretty rapidly. We were working in a phase in our business where our pricing and packaging was very undefined. So there was a lot of experimentation happening, a lot of trial and error. Because of the ad hoc nature, it became very slow and cumbersome.”

How they delivered their proposals:

“So the proposal process, the quoting process and I think even all the way through, from a negotiation and finalization point of view, was very sporadic, very Excel and PowerPoint driven. There was a lot of variance in the degree of execution quality on a rep by rep basis, and what was actually going in front of our customers and what I thought that buying experience really looked like and should feel like.”

Josh Solomon
Director of Enterprise Sales
Ada Inc

“I look at SalesRight as part of our partnership ecosystem, helping us scale our sales organization. [SalesRight’s use] has grown from our enterprise team out into our mid-market team, our account management team, our customer success team, and our partnership team. The alternative is to live and die in PowerPoint, which is not a scalable method. We’ve had a handful of deals where I would say SalesRight has provided insights that were critical to our ability to win.”

What they changed

Moved from an ad hoc approach to proposals, with each rep sort of having their own “flavour”, to one standardized tool and feel by using SalesRight.

What happened after SalesRight

We’re definitely seeing much faster deal cycles and a much faster ability to actually build and generate Quotes. We have customers and prospects tell us all the time that [SalesRight] is the best sales experience that they’ve had, which I think really matters. When they go through a [SalesRight Quote] review, two things are true: one, it looks really professional. It’s branded, it looks like it belongs to them. Two, they have a say, so the ability to have sort of this configurable dynamic pricing put in front of customers where they’re playing an active role in building out the proposal together is really beneficial.

“There are great insights to be had about how customers engage with your proposals. For most of my career in sales, it’s been as simple as like send a proposal off into the black void and hope that the next conversation is a positive one. With SalesRight, you’re sort of actively informed in how your proposal is doing and the activity metrics that come back from SalesRight, give you really good insight into what deals are trending and which ones are not and also help you forecast better on, where these deals will actually end up and where they’ll land. So I think that there’s an array that can happen there.

[SalesRight] has been really helpful for with us, is helping us really nail our pricing and packaging. Helping facilitate the ability to work on contracts in different structures and different pricing models and in different formats without having to, sort of start from scratch every time, is really helpful.”


How they deliver their proposals now:

“Our reps really like it. There are very few [sales tools] that reps get excited about, and every time that there’s a SalesRight update, reps are excited to hear what it is and they are actively engaging in the tool. They’re proud of putting [SalesRight Quotes] in front of customers. We’ve seen massive adoption and engagement in the tool.

“From a time-saving perspective, the reps are definitely faster to build their proposals. They’re not spending a lot of time trying to make a PowerPoint slide look the right way, to try to communicate their message. One of the things that I’ve been the most impressed with is tha, there are very few edge cases where I can’t have SalesRight solve the proposal-type that I’m trying to put forward. From a rep point of view, I’m not spending time trying to communicate my thinking in a, a very manual way that we typically would, instead of Excel or PowerPoint or creating some type of PDF with design help.

“From an ability to win deals perspective, SalesRight’s played a very critical role in providing insights into those processes where the customer data that we get and the like interaction and activity insights that we get back out of [SalesRight] help us have a better understanding of where customers fit in our pricing, how they’re responding to [SalesRight Quotes], what their ceiling might look like and better helps prepare reps for, for active negotiations and to help actually win deals as well. We’ve had a handful of deals where I would say SalesRight has provided insights that were critical to our ability to win.”

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