About Us

Pricing transparency and choice. That’s what we offer sellers and buyers.

Pricing transparency and choice.

That’s what we offer sellers and buyers.

It began with a problem.

Bill had been operating app agency Mindsea for several years and saw this problem in the way companies sold to their buyers and how sales teams were selling to him. There was a lack of transparency, an inefficient proposal creation process, and a lot of unnecessary back and forth about features and add-ons.

This endless, often needless cycle led us to launch SalesRight.

SalesRight eliminates the cycle and improves on it with an easy-to-use software built to enhance the buying experience while allowing businesses to save time and close more deals.

The Team



A software engineer by trade, Bill has been building products and teams for over twenty years. With his intentions now set solely on SalesRight, he looks to create a software that all SaaS businesses can benefit from. Other than that, he’s an avid runner who you’ll see running to and from friend and family gatherings on a nightly basis.



A CPA based out of London, Ontario, Greg has been working as a startup CFO for the past several years. He specializes in working with early to growth stage startups and has been critical to the success of many SaaS companies throughout Canada. Greg straps on his skis and hits the slopes often, but always saves time to spend with his two children.



A SaaS sales pro with considerable experience in the Canadian SaaS scene, Taylor is a co-founder of one of Canada’s best technology conferences, Venture Out – connecting LGBTQA+ people in tech to career opportunities, role models, and each other. Taylor is a dedicated swimmer, skier, and runner, only ever stopping to grab a bite along the way.

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