Saying 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year is an understatement *Wipes browline*

… but don’t think of it as a total write off! 


Even though travel plans are out the window, and in-person events have been cancelled, that doesn’t mean your event strategy is ready to be thrown out the window. SaaS virtual events offer a fantastic opportunity to hit your MQLs and Q3-Q4 goals. 


In fact, SaaS virtual events can help accelerate your growth in a few different ways. They’re a great opportunity to:  

  • Connect with potential investors
  • Allow you to practice and refine your pitch
  • Provide you with the chance for face-to-face interaction with your ICP
  • Expose you to regional, national and international markets


Our team has experienced the benefits of virtual events firsthand. When the pandemic hit, our 2020 events strategy got flipped upside down, and we found attending virtual events. In just over one quarter we attended more than 25 virtual events. As a result, we had to adapt to the virtual landscape and learn a new ecosystem to sell SaaS within. 


(Our entire virtual events strategy is published and free for you to steal – click here to download the SaaS Virtual Event Stratagem and Masterclass!


There are still many major virtual events happening to end 2020. Here are our top recommendations for the 2020 virtual  events that SaaS teams should attend:



SaaStr Annual 

“The World’s Largest Community for Business Software.”


When: September 2 – 3

The Details:

  • One of SaaStr’s events and largest annual event
  • Two-day virtual event
  • 50,000+ SaaS Experts
  • 50+ Speakers
  • 5000+ Braindates and 1-on-1’s


The Best Part: Scale Up

If your priority is growth, this is where you need to be. Every aspect of this virtual event is designed to give you the tools to grow. Keynotes from industry leaders break down the industry’s top trends. Also, workshops provide strategies for growth measurement, strategic hiring, marketing, and more. 


The Underrated Benefit: Inclusion Initiative

SaaStr’s Inclusion Passports is a program that believes “innovation depends on hearing from, meeting with, and listening to people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds.” The virtual event offers free tickets for those who are members of a group, not well-represented within the tech community or at technical conferences. Above all, those a part of the Inclusion Passport will have many perks that are exclusive to the program.





“SAAS NORTH brings the entire Canadian SaaS ecosystem under one [virtual] roof.”


When: September 9 – 10 

The Details:

  • Co-Founded by L-SPARK Corporation and Cube Business Media Inc.
  • Two half-days, live events, pre-recorded content, happy hour, and lots of networking
  • 1750+ attendees 
  • Networking with 600+ Canadian companies, industry leaders, investors in one-on-one, group and conference-wide forums


The Best Part: Growing Market

SAAS NORTH is all about growth and opportunity. In this case, this virtual event closes in on Canada’s SaaS Industry. Regularly, SAAS NORTH would be hosted in-person. However, with the new move to having a virtual event, those that may not have been able to attend have the chance to see how Canada is impacting the SaaS market.


The Underrated Benefit: Supporting a Good cause

Your ticket to the SaaS North conference supports the ALS Society of Canada. $10 from each ticket will be donated to support the fight against ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). More than 200,000 people around the world are living with ALS. In addition to picking a virtual event because of its location, speaker list or business opportunities, also look into virtual events that give back to their community. 





“INBOUND celebrates the helpful, human side of business.”


When: September 22 – 23

The Details: 

  • Hubspot’s annual event
  • Two full days of tech content 
  • INBOUND attracts 26,000+ marketers, salespeople, and customer service pros from over 100 countries
  • 250+ Session by Global thought Leaders
  • Early bird Powerhouse tickets start at $29 and go to $119


The Best Part: Powerhouse Breakouts

INBOUND is a community of like-minded people who are passionate about marketing, selling, and customer success. The virtual event brings opportunities to its attendees to join various types of breakout sessions. For instance, breakout sessions include Education Sessions, Dynamic Duo, Deep Dives, Inbound Debates, Ask Me Anything, and Up Next. Each session brings something to the table to allow attendees to be entertained but also learn something new.  


The Underrated Benefit: Starter Pass

Don’t want to fully commit –– that’s okay. INBOUND offers a FREE Start Pass. The Starter Pass allows its holders to access Spotlights, and have limited access to online games, sponsored events, and network. While the Starter Pass is great for those that do not need full virtual event experience, the Powerhouse ticket is the only way to attend any breakout sessions. 




Ascent Conf

“We’re more than just a webinar and provide multiple avenues for you to grow your SaaS company.”


When: September 30 – October 1

The Details: 

  • Ascent’s Annual Event
  • 2500+ Companies
  • 6000+ Attendees
  • 30 Sponsors
  • +40% C-Cuite
  • +50% VP-Level


The Best Part: Pitch Competition

Battle against 300 startups for the coveted prize and bragging rights as the 2020 Pitch Contest Winner. Not only is it a fun competition, but you also get to tackle two birds with one stone –– get noticed by investors and gain brand visibility. The pitch winner has the chance to take home up to $10,000 worth of prizes. Bonus: Besides, you don’t need to worry about being able to fit everything into your carry-on. 


The Underrated Benefit: Virtual Conference Floor

Do you miss the set up of a conference room? Sitting with like-minded people around a table? Ascent Conf brings a flare to virtual events, by recreating a conference room environment for attendees to enjoy. 




SaaStock EMEA

“The best SaaS conference I have ever been to. Period.” – Dan Martell


When: October 12-15

The Details

  • SaaStock’s annual European conference
  • Four Days of SaaS content
  • 4000+ Attendees
  • 30+ Hours of Content
  • 200+ Startups
  • Free tickets


The Best Part: Expand Your Market

Whether you work directly or want to expand into the European market, SaaStock EMEA is for you. SaaStock EMEA is Europe’s top B2B SaaS conference for founders, executives and investors. If you were thinking about taking the leap into Europe’s SaaS market, now is the time. No need to buy a plane ticket, as you can get together from the comfort of your own home at this virtual event. 


The Underrated Benefit: Investock

Investock is hosted for investors with B2B SaaS in their portfolio. Exclusive for investors to shape and grow their portfolio and bring opportunities to expand the SaaS industry. Investock gathers 90+ funds and over 250 investors. Investors have the chance to avoid (virtual) crowds in 1:1 matchmaking sessions and roundtables to discuss B2B SaaS. 




Web Summit

“The world’s largest technology conference.”


When: December 2 – 4

The Details:

  • Web Summit’s annual conference
  • Hosted in Lisbon 
  • 100,000+ Attendees
  • 150+ Countries
  • 800+ Speakers
  • 2500+ Startups


The Best Part: Never-Ending Connections

As the largest technology conference, you will never run out of people to talk to. There are many opportunities to network with people from all over the world. This year, Web Summit will welcome over 100,000 people over various titles and leadership positions. The virtual event will host some of the world’s biggest companies and promising new startups. 


The Underrated Benefits: Web Summit App

There is never a dull moment at a Web Summit conference. Your tech senses may be through an overload of information. With many different sessions and opportunities to learn, it can become overwhelming. The Web Summit app will be your best friend throughout the virtual event. The App helps attendees stay organized and up to date on all things Web Summit related. 





What’s Your Virtual Event Strategy? 

Here is a tip from those who have been in your shoes and learned the ropes: A virtual event strategy is NOT the same as an in-person strategy. Many adaptations need to be considered to achieve your goals – including which team members you get tickets for, how you divide and conquer sessions and networking, and your follow-up strategy. If you want to attend a virtual event, these pieces and more need to be foolproof. 



Learn How to Conquer Virtual Events (like HubSpot Inbound!)

We have tested out the tricks of the trade, and as a result, we have developed the SaaS Event Masterclass. This Masterclass not only runs you through the steps of a virtual event strategy, but comes with Steal the Stratagem™ Package that includes a full workbook, a strategy sheet to keep your team aligned, and proven follow-ups that close when the event is done. We cover everything you need to dominate every aspect of your next virtual event. 



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